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Penetration Testing Service

About Penetration Testing
A penetration test is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure with the secure exploitation of vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application defects, inappropriate configurations, or dangerous end-user behavior. Such assessments are also useful to validate the effectiveness of defense mechanisms and to ensure that end-user safety policies are respected.

Information on any security vulnerabilities achieved through penetration testing is usually accumulated and presented to IT and Network Administrators to help professionals reach strategic conclusions and prioritize remedial efforts. The main purpose of penetration tests is to measure the feasibility of systems or compromise of users and to assess any relevant consequences that such incidents may have on the resources or operations involved. Penetration tests can be done independently if you have a system (eg ISO, ANSI, GDPR Compliant, etc.) or you just want to test and improve your infrastructure.

Penetration tests offer many benefits, allowing you to:

  • Maintain corporate image and customer loyalty
  • Avoid network breakdown costs
  • Manage vulnerabilities effectively
  • Observe regulatory requirements and avoid fines

Service Implementation Phases:

  1. Programming phase:
    • Scope and assignment strategy are defined
    • Existing security policies, standards are used to define the scope
  2. Discovery Phase
    • Collect as much information about the system as possible, including system data, user names, and even passwords.
    • Scan and scan on ports
    • Check for vulnerabilities in the system
  3. Attack Phase
    • Find exploitable spaces for various weaknesses
    • You need the necessary security
    • Privileges for exploiting the system
  4. Reference phase
    • The report should contain detailed findings
    • Vulnerabilities detected and their impact on business
    • Recommendations and solutions, if any. 
    • The ways in which the necessary information can be gathered to make a proper assessment from system operators are two. Depending of the business and its systems can be used one or both ways:
    • A controller runs techniques in a linear manner against either a target host or a rational target grouping (e.g., a subnet).
    • The controller uses multiple hosts to perform random, rate-limited and non-linear information gathering techniques. By implementing a Pen-Test your business will be able to have
      • Proof of the concept of any recognized vulnerability
      • Easy tracking of attack path details
      • Risk-based and probability-based assessment for any vulnerability
      • Tackle and recommendations for improvement
      • Threat Model Approach
      • Quantitative and qualitative results
      • Counting attacks
      • Proof of system compromise

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